Our team of experts are at hand to help you achieve your true health and fitness potential giving you a choice of many services.

Personal Training & Weight Management

Progression Fit Personal Training will motivate you by setting realistic, achievable goals. We will provide you with ongoing support and advice on every step of your health and fitness journey. After an initial consultation assessing your goals and current lifestyle, a personalised exercise plan will be developed for you to follow. At Progression Fit we also educate our clients in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, including health and nutrition.

One to One or Group Sessions are available outdoors, in your own home or in a private gym. 

Progression Fit Weight Management programmes have a 100% success rate to date. We will motivate you by setting realistic, achievable goals. We will provide you with ongoing support and advice on every step of your health and fitness journey. After an initial consultation assessing your goals and current lifestyle, including a comprehensive body composition analysis and mini health check we will provide you with a personalised nutrional plan for you to follow.  See testomonials for some of our success stories.

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Massage Therapies
Progression Fit Massage whether you wish to unwind and de-stress or improve your sporting performance, speed up recovery from injury, or have niggling aches and pains melted away, Progression Fit Massage will enhance your well being, using a wide variety of massage techniques to leave you physically and emotionally restored.

A relaxing massage is the ultimate soothing treat to help you unwind, Deep Tissue Massage employs more focused pressure to tackle stubborn areas of deeper tension, and Sports Massage aids optimal physical performance, improves flexibility and prevents or helps rehabilitate injuries. Hot Stone Massage is the perfect antidote for tired, aching legs before or after a hard day on the slopes of Chamonix. Seated Indian Head Massage targets the tension-prone shoulders, neck, arms and scalp and is for those wanting pure relaxation and indulgence.

Group Exercise
Progression Fit Group Exercise is a fantastic motivator and a great way to keep fit, mix up your workout, and meet like-minded friends. Choose a class that suits you and get real results fast. Whether you want to improve cardiovascular fitness, tone up, lose weight, improve Strength and Flexibility or just become more active. Progression Fit Group Exercise will benefit all. Why not join one of our group exercise classes based in Chamonix, Choose from Kettlercise and Body Blitz Circuits.

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Progression Fit Cardiac Rehabilitation is an exercise programme which is specifically designed to help those with heart conditions to protect health by maintaining and improving fitness. Progression Fit Cardiac Rehabilitation offers one to one sessions as well as group exercise sessions. Our qualified (BACRP) phase IV instructor uses the latest guidance from the British Association of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) to ensure all exercises we teach are both safe and effective for those with heart conditions. These sessions can run from a private gym or in the comfort of your own home.

Fitness Holidays
Progression Fit Fitness Holidays focus on health and wellbeing combining physical exercise, activity, relaxation and luxury to achieve Total Wellbeing. Whether it's learning to Kite surf in Tarifa off the coast of Spain or cycling around Annecy Lake in the French Alps there's a holiday out there for you that is both fun and shape changing. Share our passion for being outdoors and let us take care of your holiday. Progression Fit runs our Fitness Holidays in various locations throughout Europe and caters for both Men and Woman of all fitness levels. Our goal is simple "helping people realise their true health and fitness potential"

Health & Fitness Assessments
Progression Fit Health and Fitness Assessments offer a variety of Corporate and Personal health, fitness and wellbeing assessments. Progression Fit Health and Fitness Assessments can help you understand your health, fitness and total wellbeing and identify any future health risks, offering practical ways to become healthier and fitter. We provide:

• One to One fitness & Wellness consultations
• Corporate Fitness, Wellness screening and Health Assessment
• In house Wellness and Training programmes at your offices throughout Europe

When you invest in corporate wellbeing, you are investing in the future of your business. Keeping your employees fit, happy and healthy is crucial in today's corporate environment.

Progression Fit work alongside DGI (Development Group International) to produce tailor made wellness and fitness training programmes for your company.