Body Sculpt 16/06/2012

‘Just wanted to say that Hannah's Body Sculpt class this morning was FAB...I loved it! I will be a Friday regular.’ 

Bex, Chamonix

  Body Boost 23/07/2013

‘I've just finished the 14 day Body Boost with Hannah at Progression Fit and the results after such a short space of time were amazing.  The menu planning was easy to get in to with plenty of filling foods allowed and the Kettlercise classes combine hard work with good fun. Hannah is a great trainer and offered excellent support and guidance throughout the 14 days and has continued to do so since.  I would totally recommend the 14 day Body Boost for quick, motivating results and to kick start a better health and nutrition regime.’

Wendy, Chamonix

  Body Boost 30/07/2013

'The Body Boost Programme has produced amazing results for me.  I have reduced fat, increased muscle mass and most importantly learned to enjoy exercise again.  The health eating plan was simple and easy to follow and best of all I was never hungry!  Overall I would thoroughly recommend the programme and Hannah is a superb teacher.' 

Gayle, Chamonix

  Body Boost 10/10/2013

'I decided to do Hannah's Body Boost programme as part of a kick start to get myself back into shape after having kids, I have always been active but I needed a bit of extra motivation to really get back into it. It was exactly what I needed and the results have been pretty surprising so far (I have lost 9kg!). It sounds like a cliché but it really is not a diet, the body boost program changes your eating habits and relationship with food all for the better. Hannah is professional, motivational and has a real in-depth understanding of the "science" behind what she is doing.    
Being someone who has never really enjoyed exercise classes, I can honestly say the Kettlercise classes that Hannah runs (included in the body boost program) are fantastic, they are fast paced and kettlercise really does what it says on the tin! I would highly recommend it.'

Charlotte, Chamonix

  Body Boost 09/10/2015

'I’ve just finished the body boost programme with Hannah and would definitely recommend it. It was the perfect way to kick-start my fitness journey as it allowed me to keep tabs on my daily food intake and exercise.

The programme helps to get rid of bad eating habits and follow a high protein diet without feeling deprived. The kettlebell classes are great fun and improved my stamina and strength. Very pleased with the results that I got from only 2 weeks! Hannah’s a fantastic trainer who caters for individual needs, therefore producing amazing results!!'

Selvina, Chamonix

  Personal Training 30/07/2016

"I had a week's personal training with Hannah this summer, spending an hour every morning on the terrace with a light breeze and a view of the glacier. I wanted to improve my posture and core strength, weakened by years in a desk job, and she came up with an exercise programme that did just that, upping the ante every day. I feel taller, straighter and leaner - and according to my kids, am in a much better mood too! A great experience, I will definitely book in more sessions next time I'm out in Cham." 

Katie, London